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    Teiny offers a solution to the dilemma of dairy versus plant-based milk. Our oat milk powder combines the nutrition of dairy with the sustainability of plant-based alternatives, bridging the gap in the market for health-conscious consumers.

    Our Mission


    At Teiny, we want to redefine the standards of the milk industry within Aotearoa. With our oat milk powder, we address environmental concerns, nutritional deficiencies, and packaging waste, all while delivering a superior taste and texture experience. By choosing Teiny, you're not just choosing a milk alternative – you're choosing a sustainable future for both your health and the planet.

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    Our Story

    Emma - CEO (left)

    Renee - COO (right)



    Founders Emma and Renee have been friends since preschool, sharing experiences through scouts and high school. So, when the opportunity arose, they found it fitting to dive into this journey together too.


    Teiny's mission holds personal significance for both of them: Emma's health challenges and Renee's six-year commitment to vegetarianism have given them first-hand insight into the importance of essential nutrients. Additionally, their shared compassion for animal welfare and environmental sustainability highlights the importance of this brand to them.


    With Emma's technical background and Renee's expertise in design and marketing, they had the necessary skills to kick Teiny off. Their selection for UCE Summer Startup provided them with invaluable knowledge and a network to facilitate rapid growth.




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